We wouldn’t be a functioning team without our amazing mentors and awesome parents. Thank you!

Board Members:

Team President – Shawn Van Ness

Team Vice President –  Mike Koch

Team Treasurer – Julia Schlenker

Team Secretary – Rob Cartwright

Board Member – Ben Bennett (Past President)

Board Member – Gary Rice

Board Member – Hai Nguyen

Board Member – Susan Van Ness


Animation Mentors

  • Rob Cartwright
  • Robbie Cartwright (College Student Mentor)

Electrical Mentor

  • Rob Cartwright

Fundraising Mentor

  • Shawn Van Ness

Mechanical Mentors

  • Mike Koch (Lead Mentor)
  • Hai Nguyen
  • Steve Dalcher
  • Hannah Shaffer (College Student Mentor)

Media Mentors

  • Susan Van Ness (Parent Organization Leader)
  • Rob Cartwright

Programming Mentors

  • Stefan Brandle
  • Rob Cartwright (Asst. Mentor)

Scouting/IT Mentors

  • Larry Cougill
  • Shawn Van Ness

Spirit Mentors

  • Melissa Martin (Food & Travel Leader)
  • Stephanie Harms

Woodworking Mentor

  • Gary Rice

Many thanks again to the sponsors, family, and friends who support 1720!