Your 7-Step Mini-Tour:

  1. Watch the official FIRST Robotics video
    1. What’s FIRST Robotics Competition?
  2. Watch our most recent introductory team video.
  3. Check out the rest of this website.
  4. Check out our other social media pages.
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    3. Twitter:
  5. Our current location:
    1. Madjax Maker Force – 514 E. Jackson St. 47305 Muncie, IN
  6. Our current meeting times:
    1. Tuesdays: 6-9pm
    2. Thursdays: 6-9pm
  7. Schedule a time to stop by for a personal tour!
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Our Facilities are Growing:

And, you should know…..our new students and existing team are about to embark on a brand new world of amazing resources in the new Muncie Madjax Maker Force!

What Can You Learn at PhyXTGears?


– 3D Computer Animation

– “Bling” (LED Visual Displays/Raspberry Pi/Arduino)


– Documentation

– Electronics Design

– Programming/PC Software

– Social Media Mgmt./Public Relations/Publishing

– Video Production

– and yes….Building Robots! (CNC Milling, Lathe Work, Powder Coating, Pneumatics, Sandblasting, Welding, Woodworking, and more)